Hi everyone, my name is

Nick HAdfield

I'm a Literacy Support Teacher for School District #57 (Prince George) in the Indigenous Education Department

I was born on treaty one territory in the red river valley in Manitoba. We moved to BC when i was 6 years old and grew up on central vancouver island. During my teaching career, i had the pleasure of teaching in Bella Bella, the territory of the Heiltsuk nation. While there, I was a classroom teacher, and later the heiltsuk language coordinator. i was culturally adopted at a potlatch by Fran and Kelly brown, and later by phyllis Mckay. I identify as an indigenous ally and work hard to help decolonize education.

I Have over twenty years of experience, focusing on literacy support such as reading, writing, fluency, and speaking. I hold a Master’s in Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia. While I no longer teach my own class, my role has evolved into guiding fellow educators through coaching and professional development, with a particular emphasis on decolonizing teaching practices and supporting the success of Indigenous learners.

In my workshops and seminars, I share effective strategies and valuable resources aimed at improving literacy skills. I am passionate about empowering teachers to create dynamic learning environments that foster comprehensive language skills and cultural responsiveness. My goal is to enhance educational outcomes for all students, particularly by supporting educators in understanding and integrating practices that respect and reflect Indigenous perspectives and histories. Through my work, I strive to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.